Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I missed Demons when it debuted on Saturday, but I thought I'd give it a shot. So I tracked down a repeat on ITV2.

I lasted twenty minutes.

It's one of those Saturday night action/fantasy shows that British broadcasters suddenly decided to make again after Dr Who was a success. Most of them aren't very good. In fairness, ITV's previous effort Primeval was one of the better ones. Demons, however, is a journeyman Buffy clone. British viewers can watch the online version here - but for heaven's sake don't.

Because when I say "clone", I'm not kidding. It's set in London and our chosen one is a teenage boy. But he has a watcher figure, who's American, and whose name is Rupert. Inexplicably, they've cast Philip Glenister in the role - evidently he's desperate to escape typecasting, and the producers are out for revenge on Dick Van Dyke.

Just in case anyone watching hadn't figured out that it's a Buffy clone, our hero consults with his mentor in a special library full of magical books. That's where I turned it off.

Demons lacks any of the spark of Joss Whedon's dialogue, and it has all the visual flair of an advert for the DFS half-price sale. The best you can say for it is that the CGI isn't bad. But that doesn't stop it being a laughably derivative botch job.

Oh, god, and the opening theme tune. What were they thinking?