Monday, October 08, 2007

X-Axis comments thread - 7 October

This week: Exiles and Uncanny X-Men complete storylines; Wolverine plays at literary allusions; Hugs: Bloodpond finally reaches the top of my review pile, several months after it actually came out; and Vinyl Underground is... yeah, well.

Comment away.

And since Vinyl Underground turns out to be virtually devoid of music, here's an interesting illustration of how a good video can turn around a fairly dreary single. "I Want More" by Faithless is basically their usual schtick - moderately pleasant dance music, with a man lecturing us politely about the need to be nicer to one another.

Here's the original video, which I didn't even know about until I searched YouTube. Frankly, it's a rather boring piece of cultural tourism.

But take off half of the vocals, and relocate to North Korea, and you have a rather more interesting piece of cultural tourism. (And yes, this IS the official video that was used in the UK.)

(It's the penultimate shot that makes it work for me.)