Sunday, September 09, 2007

X-Axis comments thread - 9 September

This week, Marc Guggenheim & Howard Chaykin on Wolverine; the creator of Rambo takes on Captain America; and Peter Milligan launches Infinity Inc.

And just because I like it, here's the anti-piracy ad that aired at the start of this week's The IT Crowd.

NBC are doing a re-make of this show. Something tells me they're going to screw it up. Yes, they've kept one of the original cast, but... well, just look at the rest of them. I swear, if the actual show had done a sketch about a bad American remake, it would look like that. And the tag line...

"If Only Life Was As Easy As Turning It Off And On."

I have the strangest feeling that they don't get it. Here's an entire episode on YouTube (albeit in the wrong picture ratio, which really annoys me). Can you see anything remotely similar to this airing on NBC?