Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Number 1s of 2009: 11 October 2009

Taio Cruz finally interrupted the hectic weekly turnover of number one singles, by hanging around for three weeks. But here we go again...

That's Chipmunk, "Oopsy Daisy." He's eighteen, and he's yet another in this year's parade of UK grime/urban acts bailing out of their genre in search of mainstream pop success. See also Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal and Taio Cruz, all of whom had number one hits this year while more or less abandoning any pretence of underground credibility in the process.

Chipmunk was being touted as the next big star of UK rap not so long ago, on the strength of mix tapes and the like. He's actually been making videos for longer than he's been releasing singles (full-scale releases, at least). He used to sound more like this.

"Oopsy Daisy" is his first number one, but his fourth chart appearance of the year. His first "official" single, "Chip Diddy Chip", made number 21 in March, and it's probably as close as any of his commercial releases have got to his roots. Of course, it also has a video showing him in school uniform, not to mention a baffling guest appearance by the ever-irritating Tim Westwood. "Diamond Rings" reached number 6 in July. He also crops up on the number 3 hit "Tiny Dancer", which, thanks to sampling issues, bears the unlikely artist credit of "DJ Ironik featuring Chipmunk and Elton John."

The uncredited singer, by the way, is Dayo Olatunji, who clearly needs better representation, since she seems to be on more of the record than he is.

With Chipmunk at number one, Britain's third-biggest girl band have to settle for the number two spot. "Forever Is Over" is the lead single from the Saturdays' second album, and sees them moving away from their previous synthpop records to autotuned mid-Atlantic mediocrity. Supposedly it's a song that Kelly Clarkson rejected - it certainly sounds like one. You can see the video here, but I think I'll run instead with last year's number 5 hit "Up", since it's actually quite good. (Non-embeddable YouTube version here.)

The Saturdays - Up

The SaturdaysMySpace Music Videos

"Forever Is Over" is the Saturdays' second number 2 single, and their fifth top 10 hit in only two years. But the number 1 slot continues to elude them.

Next week, we're guaranteed another new number one, as the release schedules ramp up again. Specifically, it's a race between the first proper single by 2008 X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke, and the comeback single from Robbie Williams. As of right now, Burke is winning hands down...