Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Marvel Index #13

The generic solicitation for January's Marvel Index #13 promises to cover Spider-Man starting from Amazing #523, Iron Man from Invincible Iron Man #2, and X-Men from Uncanny #514. Granted, the exact issue numbers in a given issue of Marvel Index often change from the solicitations, because they have to write the solicitations before they know for sure how much the preceding issues will cover. But they don't change that much.

Now... Amazing makes sense. That book's up in the 600s. But Invincible Iron Man will only have reached issue #22 by January. And as for the X-Men, Uncanny #514 was part four of "Utopia", the crossover with Dark Avengers which only finished last month.

So what's actually going to be in this issue? Because the solicitation sounds very odd.