Sunday, December 07, 2008

Number 1s of 2008: December 7

Well, to the surprise of absolutely nobody, it's Leona Lewis, "Run." There doesn't seem to be an embeddable version of the video, but here's the YouTube link.

And here's the original, a number 5 hit in 2004 for Scottish indie band Snow Patrol, now best known for their worldwide hit "Chasing Cars." It made the US Modern Rock chart, but apparently never troubled the Bilboard 100.

It's actually a pretty good cover version. It's smoothed off more of the rough edges than it needed to, but it's certainly got the epic quality that the original was going for. I'm not a purist; I quite like it.

With its massive download sales, "Run" is almost certain to stay at the top for a second week. But it's unlikely to manage a third, because that would mean holding off the winner of this year's X-Factor. Lewis, of course, won the show in 2006. This year's choices don't look quite so promising. It'll probably be Alexandra Burke, who's emerged as this year's diva option. It probably won't be JLS, the sole remaining group in the competition: the groups never win. The wildcard is gormless Irish teenage puppy Eoghan Quigg, whose appeal eludes me. But he's made it this far without being in the bottom two, so he's clearly picking up the votes.

The unlucky fourth placed candidate was Diana Vickers, a sort of Dolores O'Riordan-alike. Her elimination on Saturday was met with a horrific wailing and gnashing of teeth... from Eoghan, who is clearly smitten with her. Here's her farewell performance, complete with a distraught Eoghan bounding onto the stage ahead of schedule to proclaim his undying love. Cute, or unbearably drippy? The voters will decide...

Finally, simply because I like the video, here's "Cash In My Pocket" by Wiley, this week's number 18.