Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Ford Fiesta

The winter series of Top Gear has been a bit patchy, but Sunday's episode had two of the best features they've done in ages. One is the review of Communist cars. The other is this one.

Since the clip doesn't include the all-important set-up (and Americans will need a bit of context anyway), I'll explain it: Many many years ago, Top Gear was a sober show where men in jumpers reviewed family cars. Things have changed somewhat. Now, the show has received a letter of complaint from a Mr Needham, complaining that back in the good old days they used to do proper road tests of normal cars, and why don't they do that any more.

So: Jeremy Clarkson road tests the Ford Fiesta...

Stick with it.

(And in case the YouTube video gets taken down: here's the iPlayer link, for those of you in Britain. Communists at 20 minutes in, Ford Fiesta at 49 minutes.)