Tuesday, August 07, 2007

X-Axis comments thread - 5 August

- Yes, I know I posted the reviews two days ago, but I'm determined to get into the habit of starting a comments thread over here. I suspect this is going to be a rather quieter week, but we'll see. This week, it's Uncanny X-Men, Metal Men and, ahem, Shanna the She-Devil.

- I hadn't got around to reading Ms Marvel #18 when I posted those reviews, but there's some rather endearing about the book's latest angle. After asking SHIELD to send her some Inititive recruits to round out her team, the title character ends up with... Machine Man and Sleepwalker. And Machine Man still thinks he's appearing in Nextwave. In fact, Brian Reed does quite a good Warren Ellis pastiche.

"Now then! I wish to drink heavily and investigate the worthiness of this craft's floors for laying about unconscious. [One panel later] I am not impressed with your ship. My previous ship had five tesseract zones. You don't have any tesseract zones. My old ship also had a mini fridge. Do you have a mini fridge?"

It's a kind of directionless book, Ms Marvel, but there's still something quite fun about it, in a retro superhero way.

- Last night's Raw: dear god, Vince really has lost his mind. You do not go on national TV and deliver whining speeches about the injustice of your company being investigated by Congress. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? And if the aim really was to shake things up, they'd have been better off running with the Sandman as GM, just for the sheer WTF factor. We've seen Regal in this role before, and he was very good at it, but can we move forward now? (Unless, I suppose, they're building to Sandman v Regal with the job on the line. In which case, fair enough.)

I'll be interested to see the rating for this one; I suspect a bunch of midcarders fighting for an administrative job in a battle royal for the first twenty minutes was not the way to turn the ratings decline around.

- The Edinburgh Festival is now underway, so you can look forward to my annual three weeks of regular updates about shows you probably haven't seen and will never see. Coming up: Andy Warhol.