Monday, July 30, 2007

X-Axis comments thread

- I keep meaning to start these regularly, and I keep forgetting. But hey, this seems like a good week. It's Wolverine #55 and Doktor Sleepless #1. Yes, just two issues, but there's a lot to say about Wolverine #55. A book like that needs to beaten thoroughly until it stops moving.

- To pre-empt some likely questions: I'm tentatively encouraged by the creators they've announced for Spider-Man, which seems to be leaning more towards storytellers than big names. That's a good thing. Zeb Wells has written some great stories in the past and deserves a big break. This looks like a swing back towards upbeat stories, and I'm fine with that. Not sure about Chris Bachalo, but we'll see.

- Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi on Astonishing X-Men? Hmm. I think Ellis tends to approve these things as academic exercises in "what can I do with this property", and the answer generally seems to be "Add Bluetooth." But you never know. Bianchi is good. It could work, although I don't see it selling as well as Joss Whedon's run. After all, Ellis's relaunch of Iron Man wasn't that big a deal.

- Grant Morrison on Final Crisis. Hmm. Okay, that's got me intrigued, because if Morrison says it's a story he really wants to tell, at least you can be reasonably confident that there's something to it. But it's DC, and it's got a year-long crossover leading into it, and they're practically doing everything in their power to put me off buying it. I'll look at it again nearer the time and see whether it looks like it might be comprehensible on its own terms.

- Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos on Runaways. Moore, yes. Ramos... well, the promotional art looks good, admittedly. (And why is Gert in the promo art, by the way?)