Thursday, May 03, 2007

Election day!

- It's the Scottish national elections today. This should be a big one, because the polls suggest a very strong possibility of the SNP becoming the largest party. That would mean, for the first time since devolution, a completely different government in Scotland to the one in Westminster. And then we'll see how this devolution settlement really works.

Most of the campaign has been banging on about independence. I have no idea why. The polls show that the SNP would lose a referendum on independence. Their plan is to have one in a few years time. I have my doubts that the SNP is going to do such a stellar job at running the country that their central policy is going to be riding a wave of popularity mid-term.

Somehow we've contrived to come up with the most complicated electoral system known to man. You have two votes for the Scottish Parliament itself - one for the local MSP, and another for the top-up list. And you have another vote for the local council which is done by single transferable vote - a completely different form of proportional representation where you rank the candidates by numbers. To call this convoluted would be an understatement. It's virtually incomprehensible to half the public.

- Oh, and thanks to everyone who flagged up more astoundingly bizarre DDT videos after the last post. (If you only read the original, scroll down to check the update and skim the comments thread for assorted DDT weirdness.) I've also managed to, er, get hold of the full version of the Iron Man Title defence from their April 1 show, in which the defending champion - a stepladder - proudly battles five opponents, none of whom seem to have quite appreciated that the champ isn't alive. It's man versus inanimate object, and it's inspired. Unfortunatley, it's not on Youtube, but if anyone can find it...