Monday, February 12, 2007

Diplo videos

I've always liked this one - it's the original video for a track called "Percao" (and yes, I know there ought to be a squiggle on there, but I can't remember how to type it) which gets credited to either Diplo or Pantera Os Danadinhos, depending on where you're seeing it. Basically, it's an American DJ and a baile funk track.

Now, apparently it's a video shot by Diplo during a trip to Rio and then cobbled together in the editing room, so strictly speaking you could argue that it's a middle class white guy doing a bit of cultural tourism. But it's got a nicely ropey, believable feel to it. It feels like a real place. It's not too polished or excessively staged. That's why it works.

And then, YouTube throws up this thing - apparently an revised edit trying to jazz it up a bit.

Seriously, now. What IS that? How does covering the screen with crap and sticking the result through a video filter make that video any better? Now it's 75% uglier and 90% less distinctive. Less is more, people. This video didn't need heavy editing, and somebody needs to leave the pretty buttons alone.

(Irritatingly, the second one has much better sound quality - but these are the best embeddable versions I could find. There's a better quality stream of the original video here.)