Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Randomiser #29: 31 January 2007

Oh well, I was bound to miss one of them in the end... such is life.

Today's song: Hip Optimist, "Anafey"

This is from a Select cover CD with assorted off-cuts from Skint Records, who were terribly fashionable at the time since they had Fatboy Slim on their roster. With the benefit of hindsight, some of it has aged better than others, and this is firmly in the category of "others." It potters along inoffensively enough, but really, it's just a competent enough looping of a pleasant sound, with some fairly obvious vocal samples dropping in now and then. I mean, it's alright, but it's clearly filler material.

This album also included "Fire Like Dis" by Hardknox, which has unexpectedly resurfaced on an advert in the last few weeks. And it holds up rather well, considering it's now a decade old, possibly because it always sounded completely unlikely and over the top. But this... yeah, it's two minutes of okay ideas stretched out to about three times their natural lifespan.

Also today:
- The Beautiful South split, blaming "musical similarities." I imagine that's their way of saying that the band run its course a couple of albums ago and it's probably time to quit while they're ahead. There's some very underrated material in their back catalogue, though. So here's their first single.

Oh, and for the benefit of Americans, the line in the first verse is "I love the PRS cheques that you bring." The PRS is the Performing Rights Society. So, royalty cheques, in other words.