Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Randomiser #24: 24 January 2007

Today's song: The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club, "Impossible Sightings Over Shelton."

Hey, this was a single. Let's chuck in the video.

The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club are a shouty Welsh indie band who, having equipped themselves with a name so long it doesn't even fit on MTV2's screen captions, thought it would be an excellent idea to release a single with a title so long that it doesn't fit either. All this is, er, terribly indie, as is the single. But it's a catchy, spiky track, which might wear its influences on its sleeve (to put it mildly), but at least does them well. Or, depending on your point of view, it's derivative schlock. And believe me, I can see that viewpoint, but I don't care, because for some reason I really like this. It took me ages to shift from my head the last time I listened to it.

Caution: the rest of the album is wildly inconsistent, and contains some extremely ropey material, not least "My Son Spells Backwards", which is a particularly inept piece of Pixies copying.

- DC have cancelled Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's The Boys with issue #6, although there's been no official announcement as yet, and Newsarama had to get confirmation from Robertson. This sounds decidedly like a content-related cancellation of a creator-owned book, and I can't remember the last time DC did that (although there was some meddling with Authority a few years back, I think). It won't be good for their image, but then, The Boys was both (a) gratuitously obnoxious in a lot of its content, and (b) not desperately good, at least by the creators' standards.

Usually, big name creators who have a creator-owned book that DC won't touch end up doing it through Avatar, the indie porn-and-horror publisher. But there are financial implications for an artist in devoting his time to an Avatar book, and Image might be a slightly more attractive option - if they'll take it. Should be an interesting one to follow.

- The BBC reports that fans are upset by the announcement of a licensed Jimi Hendrix energy drink. Quite why this would upset them more than some of the tat already available on the officially authorised Authentic Hendrix online store is a mystery. It already offers a Jimi Hendrix lava lamp, a Jimi Hendrix air freshener, a Jimi Hendrix lightswitch cover, a "Happy Hendrix Holidays" ornament (which plays "Purple Haze"), and an official Jimi Hendrix kaleidoscope.