Friday, January 19, 2007

Randomiser #19: 19 January 2007

Today's song: The Fall, "Two Librans"

This is another track from a cover CD, although heaven only know why anyone thought the Fall would be a big selling point for their magazine.

The Fall - basically Mark E Smith and whichever poor bastards he's ordering around at any given moment - were famously John Peel's band, and they've produced a vast back catalogue of music that the majority of people find largely unlistenable and almost entirely baffling. The typical Fall song features the backing band chugging their way through a riff in whatever genre has taken Smith's fancy, while Smith yells seemingly incomprehensible gibberish over the top. Somewhere in amongst it all, there are some extremely off kilter pop songs trying to get out; "Two Librans" is downright catchy, even though you'd be hard pressed to identify the tune, let alone the subject matter.

YouTube is surprisingly light on Fall videos (or rather, their name is such a common word that it's almost impossible to search for them effectively), but here's the video for I Want You, Smith's collaboration with the Inspiral Carpets and, technically, his biggest UK hit. It consists of a pre-existing Inspiral Carpets record with Smith shouting over the top in his characteristic style. ("The Dutch East India Company in the USA of A / They make a pool with their sincere usury.") There's a bizarre stream of consciousness appeal to it.


- The Onion manages to sum up roughly 95% of modern comics in one paragraph.

- Meanwhile, 150 stores have signed up for the bizarre midnight launch of Dark Tower #1. Be the very, very first to glimpse an adaptation that Steven King blinked at! You dare not wait until morning to see Jae Lee's visualisation of some characters from 1982!

- Channel 4 continues to walk the fine line between milking controversy and asking for trouble. They've announced that they're doing the CBB eviction show without a crowd tonight (fair enough, but also an attention-grabber), and they're giving the proceeds of tonight's phone vote to charity (anything else would be suicidal, since they'd never be able to avoid charges of profiting from racism). But they're still going to have a post-eviction interview done by Davina McCall, who frankly isn't equipped for this sort of thing. She can't really do serious, except by nodding and looking concerned. The irony is that they've got Dermot O'Leary under contract, who actually could do this interview and get away with it, and frankly they should have pulled Davina off the main show a good two or three years back, since she's completely lost the plot. But I suspect they don't see it quite that way.