Sunday, August 02, 2009

House to Astonish, episode 20

A couple of weeks ago on Top Gear they did a feature to show that the Royal Mail will get a letter from Land's End to Orkney faster than you can drive it. Well, they should have tried it in Scotland, because from the look of it, you could beat the Glasgow to Edinburgh postal service on a three-legged mule right now.

Yes, not only have they still failed to deliver the books that were posted to me over a week ago, but they didn't manage to achieve next-day delivery on this week's books either - which means they won't show up until Monday at the earliest. And throw in Diamond UK's incompetence, and I think you'll find I'm still waiting on my copy of Blackest Night #1 which came out THREE WEEKS AGO.

Actually, to be honest, a part of me is quite enjoying a break from the weekly routine. But if last week's books don't show up at my door on Monday morning, I'm going to be mightily unhappy.

In the meantime: enjoy this week's episode of House to Astonish, as Al and I round up the San Diego news and the soliciations, and then review three books that Al bought completely at random from Forbidden Planet: Wildcats, Dark Reign: The Hood and Lone Ranger.

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