Monday, April 27, 2009

Remarkable coincidence alert!

I reviewed Wolverine: The Anniversary yesterday. Here's what I said about the back-up strip:

"There's also a short back-up strip by Jonathan Maberry and Tomm Coker, in which Wolverine fights off a bunch of ninjas and then wonders, for no readily discernible reason, whether they might be ghosts. No, Logan, they're probably just ninjas again. It's Wednesday. Coker's art is lovely, but the story is a confused mess which seems to think it's making some sort of terribly profound point."
And at 10.44am today, somebody called Celia Herrick posted to disagree:

You're usually pretty clever with your assessment of comics, but you really missed the boat with the Jonathan Mayberry story GHOSTS in Wolverine the Annivesary.

There are two whole pages of a dream sequence that set up the blurred line between dream and waking experience. How could you have missed that? Far from the confused mess you say it was, this was one of the most elegant and clearly thought out stories in quite a while. Reminiscent of Garth Ennis or Warren Ellis.

Maybe you should read the story rather than just cruise the art.

Actually, I had noticed the dream sequence, and I still thought it was a mess. But that's another matter, and hey, if you think I'm misreading the story, that's your prerogative.

Anyhow, Celia certainly started the ball rolling, because just one minute later, at 10.45am, one Robert N Norris chipped in with:
I agree with the last post. I think GHOSTS was really great. I wonder who this new writer is. I haven't heard of him before.
A minute apart! If I were a cynic, I might start to get suspicious.

Now, you might not know this, but thanks to the magic of Haloscan, I can see the IP addresses of commenters. And guess what? Both comments came from the same IP address - I won't post it, but I've checked it on, and it's a Verizon connection in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Which is a truly remarkable coincidence, because I checked Jonathan Maberry's MySpace page, and wouldn't you just know it, he comes from Doylestown, Pennsylvania too!

It's a small world, isn't it?

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