Sunday, July 13, 2008

X-Axis comments thread - 13 July 2008

This week, all the X-books are in mid-storyline, so we'll check in on Young X-Men. Joe Kelly is back with another eccentric miniseries, I Kill Giants. And there's Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly's Minx book, The New York Four. (Seriously, it does sound like an Enid Blyton title, doesn't it?)

- Oh, and since I plugged Adam and Joe a while back, you might want to know that they've released a Song Wars collection on iTunes as a budget priced album. This is the feature on their radio show where they each write a song based on the same theme, record it on their laptops, and get the listeners to vote for which one is best. A lot of it is surprisingly good. There's a lot of homemade videos by fans on YouTube (mostly for a competition), of varying quality. But here's Adam Buxton's own video for his "inappropriate film exit music" entry: a new theme tune for The Hours.

(My favourite track on the album is actually Joe Cornish's ultra-sincere eco-awareness song, but that's only available with a really dodgy fan-made video. I suggest opening it in a new window and not watching the pictures.)