Sunday, March 09, 2008

X-Axis comments thread - 9 March 2008

This week: four new titles. Cable brings us exciting babysitting action, Logan goes back to Japan, Echo breaks new ground in the depiction of dialogue-free hailstorms, and Young Liars... well, it's a recent Vertigo title.

- Occasional lapse into linkblogging: Stephen Fry explains why he hates dancing. At incredible length. Fry has an odd approach to blogging: he puts up entire essays, and he's now started a podcast version where you can hear him read them out.

I'm not quite as violently opposed to dancing as Stephen seems to be, but I know what he's getting at. I can't stand dancing. Or rather: I have no interest in dancing whatsoever. I couldn't care less what you do as long as you leave me alone. But there are those who genuinely can't believe that some people don't like dancing. When you say "No thanks," they hear "Please drag me to the dance floor against my will - I will have a wonderful time really and will be eternally grateful." Somehow it never seems like the appropriate time to tell them to get lost...