Saturday, March 17, 2007

The future of television

It occurs to me that American readers have previously mentioned that they don't have quiz TV channels over there. Well, with Ofcom and Icstis finally rounding on them over here, it can only be a matter of time before somebody gives it a shot in the unregulated capitalist wasteland.

And now, thanks to Youtube, you can see what's coming for you.

Behold the future: an obscure channel, a cheap set, a premium rate phone line, an unspoken policy of only putting one caller in a thousand through to the studio, while hinting to the dullards at home that the lines are just REALLY QUIET RIGHT NOW, and a literally impossible guessing game...

Or, hell, given the sort of people who are watching, just make it a really, really simple question - it won't make any difference...

And if you're really lucky, throw in a bored shopgirl who can't even be bothered pretending to fill the airtime any more.

One day everything will be like this.