Sunday, June 04, 2006

Some administrative announcements

Not a review of any sort, but an attempt to avoid answering the same e-mail questions more often than strictly necessary. Some of these are already coming in, and some of them will probably be coming in the next few days, so maybe I can save myself some time by pre-empting them.

1. What's happening to Article 10?

As you probably know by now, is closing on June 19th. Quite a few of you have e-mailed to ask what's going to happen with Article 10, my fortnightly column there. The short answer is "nothing." I've been writing the column for five years without a break, and frankly, there isn't a great deal about the state of comics that I'm still itching to say. This seems a very good and sensible time to stop. As I understand it, will remain online as an archive site, so you needn't worry about past columns disappearing into the ether.

Monday's column will be my contribution to the "Top Nine" series. The final Article 10 will go up as part of the site's final update, and obviously it's going to be a wrap-up column.

However, since I won't be writing those pieces any more, I'm going to lift the "no comics material" rule for If Destroyed... That doesn't necessarily mean you're going to start seeing lots of comics material, and you certainly won't be seeing any reviews, but there might be the occasional Article 10-style piece here.

2. Are you going to review X-Men 3?

Probably not. Work commitments mean I'm going to struggle to find time to see the film for at least another week, and to be honest, I'm not really that interested. Actually, the next proper posting here is likely to be a review of Freakonomics, followed by another PPV rundown for the ECW show. If I get around to seeing X-Men 3 before it closes, and I actually think it's worth writing about, then I might do something. But I never reviewed the first two films, so don't hold your breath.

3. What's happening with the X-Axis indexes?

This is the one where I'm trying to pre-empt some questions. I'm planning to get the X-Men: The Hidden Years index finished and posted in the next few days, and that usually prompts some questions about what's coming next - specifically, are we getting to the Claremont run at last? The answer is "yes, but not right away", since we're still alternating with X-Men itself, and there are some other things to cover before we get to Claremont. The current plans run like this:-
  • X-Men: The Hidden Years #16-22 (concluding the series)
  • X-Men vol 2 #81-85 (up to the end of Joe Kelly's run)
  • Early 1970s X-Men: a guide to the reprint issues, plus a rundown of all the stories they appeared in during that period. Also, because I've been meaning to get around to it for a while, a complete rundown of the X-Men roster (since the one given in the recent Handbook is out of date, and contained some very questionable material to start with).
  • X-Men vol 2 #86-90
  • Giant-Size X-Men #1-4, plus the back story listing for (god help me) Wolverine.
  • X-Men vol 2 #91-95
  • And then we reach the start of the Claremont run, which will also touch on Classic X-Men in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone.

So there you go. Hopefully, that's saved a bit of e-mailing over the next week...