Monday, October 10, 2005

More4 Launch Night (part 2)

They have interview snippets between the programmes. Interesting idea.

2031: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, thank god. There's your station right there. If you've got the Daily Show, you can run anything the other 23.5 hours of the day. You can show nothing but footage of an old man shitting on the testcard for all I care, if you're carrying The Daily Show. At the moment, the UK only gets the international edition, a half-hour "best of the week" edit which CNN airs at some ludicrous hour of Saturday morning.

They're running this show a day behind (because we're six hours ahead), but of course there isn't a Daily Show on Sundays, so the Monday slot is going to be highlights from the previous week. Decision to open the UK edit with a Tom DeLay joke possibly ill-advised. Don't care, I get it. Jon Stewart deconstructs a George Bush press conference. He is a genius. Whooping American audiences not to my taste. We do things differently here. I shall tune them out.

I am too busy watching this show to type.

2042: Adverts. The Daily Show is a show that makes you feel better about the world. It's nice to be reminded that there are nice Americans too. (Technically the Democrats ought to be fulfilling this function, but as near as I can make out, their strategy is to hide behind the sofa and hope George Bush goes away.) We still love you, America!

Lewis Black talks about Hurricane Katrina. Did the Observer really run a story about counter-terrorist dolphins? I wouldn't put it past them...

David Rakoff is here to plug his book. Imagine a greyer version of Moby. Stewart is sucking up a bit. Have Americans really never heard the "What's the point of asking people whether they've ever been in the Communist party?" joke before? Well, the interviews have never been my favourite part of this show. It's thoughtful of them to put them at the end.

To be continued...